Crafting My Way Into 2015


After discovering, researching, and considering the Passion Planner I decided it wasn't going to meet my needs 100%. I really liked where the Passion Planner was headed but there were some existing elements that I didn't need or more importantly, the opposite, it didn't have elements that I did need. Their planner inspired me to create one for myself completely customized to my personal planning.

Disclaimer: I am not, by any means, trying to compete with their product. I have made a single planner and plan to only make one each year for myself.

Planner open to the middle

All the pages are 100% designed by/for me. I personalized it with sections that function the way I plan my days. Being more of a to-do list kind of person, I did not include time slots for each day, just a checklist format. All the days of the week are given equal spacing since not all of us have Monday to Friday weeks. Also included are sections for recognizing and tracking mental and physical health. And of course a significant percentage of the space is occupied with food-focused sections since that is my specialty.

Right page sections

Left page sections

Looking at an existing planner that I used from Moleskine I learned that it was bound with traditional book binding methods. The deeper I researched book binding the more appealing it became. SeaLemon has great tutorials on her Youtube channel that guide you through pretty much everything anyone needs to know about book binding. It was easier to do than I had expected which was part of the appeal.

Stacked signatures

Handsewing the signatures together

The pages of my planner were built to be assembled in four sheet sections called signatures. All of the signatures are hand-sewn together to create a text block which is then attached to a cover. I made the cover with scrap fabric from the discounted remnants bin at the craft store, some tissue (not toilet) paper, and 1/8" cardboard from an old gift box. Patience is required since much of the time is spent waiting for glue to dry.

Completed text block

Spine view

Sewing the signatures together was therapeutic because I was experiencing this book coming to life. The closer I neared the end of the book build the more excited I got. I am making a book! I couldn't wait to hold the finished product in my hands, flip through the pages, and fill it with thoughts.

Bookmarking ribbon

Side view

I MADE A BOOK, a real book. You should go make one too. Make your own book baby.

Front cover