From This Day On

I have a new addiction and I want it to change my life.

Craftsy offers many classes (paid or free) in varying topics from sewing to cake decorating. From what I've experienced since my discovery a day ago it looks like an amazing concept excecuted attractively, jam-packed with experienced knowledge, and on a platform completely tailored for learning spirits these days.


My paternal grandfather was a tailor by profession, my maternal grandmother was a great seamstress, both my parents have extensive knowledge on the subject, I remember my mother selling handcrafted children's clothing many years back and my father creating functional projects decades ago that are still in use to this day.

Always having an interest in sewing and currently having excess time to spend on personal projects I am going to learn as much as I can with this time I have been given.

I have already learned so many little tips and tricks watching just the free sewing classes offered on [Craftsy][craftsy link 1]. I've applied my new knowledge to a simple pillowcase which I made about a year back but it went so much faster and smoother this time with the additional guidance.

Diving into the deep end with my next project: Pants

Yep, I'm going to tackle a tailored-perfectly-for-me pair o' slacks. I'm always jealous of men's straight fit or slim fit pants. This skinny jean/jegging trend is just killing my sturdy asian legs. They just don't like to be suffocated. I can't wait to get my legs into a pair of pants that fit me perfectly, styled the way I want, and for many years to come (as it will be a goal to continue sewing my own clothing.)

I'm going to make my ancestors proud (with pants.)