Meanwhile In Small Town Wisconsin...

... Jen is FINALLY starting a web log.

It has been suggested to me on multiple occcasions. "Why don't you start a food blog!?"

Well, here it is folks.
The beginning.
Me sharing my loves, one of which just happens to be the endlessly evolving, ever popular, incredibly edible, food.

Life without food is scientifically impossible and vice versa (blah, blah, blah) thus this record will not remain singular to what feeds our bodies.

This "blog" (quite honestly, I strongly dislike that word and will avoid using it as much as possible) will aim to provide thoughts on not only the aforementioned but also what nourishes our minds and rejuvenates our souls, as cliché as that sounds.

  • there will be text.
  • there will be obligatory and potentially impressive visual aides.
  • there will be an attempt to inject my unique take on classic home-cookery.
  • there will be gear.
  • there will be short blurbs and long novels.
  • there will not be purism and perfection since we are all unapologetically honest human beings.
  • I hope.

And to quote a cherished friend of mine,