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October 2014

Vanilla Bean Chai

by Jen Kwan, on tea, cardamom, cinnamon, beverage, chai

It's been a while, And now it's cold. Let's make something hot to drink Before this waiting-for-a-new-post thing gets old. -for marek Several weeks turned into several months. Getting settled into another country wasn't as easy as I wanted it to be. I had plans and drafts for summer recipes but as we are well into fall, I must turn to cold-weather recipes. Nothing warms like spice, multiples of them,…



April 2014

Taking It Up A Notch With Your Iced Drinks

by Jen Kwan, on café, summer, beverage, chai

It may not be the warmest of April's so far. I'm looking out the window and there is still snow on the ground fresh from a light blizzard that blew through yesterday. Yet, after an extremely cold winter any temperature above freezing is considered balmy. Time to pull out the cold drinks. Here is a trick I learned from my days at Luna. Cold Frothed Lattes TOOLS / INGREDIENTS: a french…