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March 2016

Flourless Chocolate Mug Cake

by Jen Kwan, on cake, chocolate, almond flour, flourless, baking

As with all mug cakes, a craving hit and off I went to the kitchen to experiment (after getting lost on Pinterest for 20 minutes.) With my trusty kitchen scale set under my mug I dosed in the ingredients one stage at a time combining different methods and techniques often used in baking chocolate cakes. This version involves the use of chocolate chips as well as cocoa powder giving it…



May 2014

Perfecting The Pancake

by Jen Kwan, on pancake, cake, breakfast

What a bad photo... There will be more photos to come as more pancakes will be eaten. Over the past couple decades of my cooking career I have attempted to make decent pancakes time after time. Many problems always arose; the batter didn't spread, the pancakes didn't rise when flipped, they would burn, they would be lopsided, there would be clumps of flour in the cake, etc. Only recently (like…



April 2014

Looks Like A Carrot Cupcake

by Jen Kwan, on cake, baking, carrot, cupcake

I'm not going to write about how delightful it is to trick yourself into eating vegetables in your dessert. I love carrots and will eat them any way, so there will be no trickery involved here. They look like carrot cupcakes don't they? Well, they are, they're just a bit different. I wouldn't call this a twist, just different. First, I was in search of a simple carrot cupcake and…